Living Room vs. Family Room

There is debate over the distinction between a family room and a living room. Traditionally, in homes with both rooms, the living room is usually the more formal room, often reserved for guests, special occasions, and the display of items such as antiques or artwork. The décor of the room is expected to be classy and stylish. A family room is traditionally the complete opposite of a living room, it is designed for comfort. In this room, the family can get together, relax, have fun and spend some time together.

In homes with only one, the terms are generally synonymous, though it is not uncommon for someone who grew up calling such a room by only one term to draw a distinction between the two.

No matter what you call the room, style and comfort is the number one priority. Whether going traditional, or living by your own rules, we will create a space that will bring friends and family together for years to come.